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Are you ready to apply for a new credit card? I must say, not everyone is, almost everyone is, or maybe not ready, or maybe they do know something that might help them with their credit card, but it’s still not something that they are going to actively go after. Now, if you are actively going after a new credit card, that means you must choose first the type of card you want.

What is your necessity? Do you want the extravagant card where you can use it to go on dozens of trips, get a lot of cash back, and travel often? Or simply something more simple that is going to help you in your daily life, providing you with some extra benefits but nothing too expensive? Well, maybe you just want a card to help you build your credit, or perhaps a card if you have a bad credit score.

The good thing is that I do have a card for that last one, and the card I’m talking about is the Assent Platinum Secured. If you have a bad credit score, this is the perfect card for you. This card will only accept people with bad scores, meaning that they are professionals in what they do. If you have a score between 300 and 550, feel free to apply for this one, and it will be yours.

Why do we recommend the Assent Platinum Secured credit card?

Now, this is going to be a bit tricky. Don’t worry; it’s not because this is a bad credit card or anything like that. Actually, it’s the opposite – it’s an amazing credit card. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can tell you to convince you about it because the beauty of this card does not reside in the benefits it offers but in its nature.

A credit card like this one is not easily sought after, and it’s not easily found or chosen. Of course, it doesn’t come with extra benefits since it is a credit card designed to help you build credit, especially for people with really low credit scores. This means that they don’t necessarily have an immediate use for extra benefits. However, the nature of this card is already a benefit in itself.

I recommend this credit card to you because of its nature, which is, of course, helping you rebuild your credit score and making your daily life way easier. Later, when your credit score has improved, you can apply for a new card that offers better benefits. That’s why the Assent Platinum Secured is so good.

Our opinion about the Assent Platinum Secured credit card:

I truly believe this is a good card, even though I don’t have much to back me up on this in terms of benefits, as this card doesn’t offer any. However, I still believe it might be a good fit, but only in special circumstances or for specific profiles.

For example, if you have a good credit score, firstly, you are not eligible to apply for this card. But if you do have a significantly lower credit score and are in need of a credit card to help you improve it, then I do believe this is one of the best options available.

The Assent Platinum Secured is a very comprehensive credit card when it comes to building credit. If your goal is to build credit, this can be a solid option. So, if you decide to apply for it, just be aware that it is a good choice for building credit, but don’t expect many additional benefits.

Learn about the pros that Assent Platinum Secured has:

Are you excited? I’m sure you are, just as I am, to share everything I know about this credit card. The first topic we are going to discuss is the benefits, and while it’s true that it doesn’t have extra benefits in the traditional sense, here are some key aspects that you may find good or useful:

  • Accepts Bad Credit: The Assent Platinum Secured credit card is designed to accept individuals with bad credit scores.
  • Helps Build Credit: One of the primary advantages of this card is its focus on helping users build their credit.
  • Fraud Protection: The card provides fraud protection, offering users a layer of security against unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.

Cons of the Assent Platinum Secured credit card:

Yes, you have read that correctly. Today, we are going to provide you with information about the cons of this credit card. While this may not be a topic I particularly love, it’s also not something completely unlikable, as you need to have a downside to truly appreciate the good. Now, let’s take a look at the drawbacks:

  • Annual Fee: One of the notable cons of the Assent Platinum Secured credit card is the presence of an annual fee.
  • No Benefits: Another drawback is the lack of additional benefits typically associated with credit cards, such as rewards programs, cash back, or travel perks.

How is the credit analysis conducted with the Assent Platinum Secured?

Similar to most credit cards around the world, the Assent Platinum Secured undergoes a specific process called credit analysis. Through this process, the company assesses all your financial decisions, credit history, and outstanding debts. The critical aspect of credit analysis lies in its speed and its potential impact on your ability to obtain a credit card. If your credit score falls below the required threshold, your chances of securing the card or any other financial service with a high score may diminish.

With this particular card, the analysis occurs at the outset and is known for being one of the fastest in the industry. You simply need to provide all the necessary information, including personal details and financial history. After a thorough review, you will be assigned a credit score.

Does this card have a pre-approved limit?

On the positive side, this credit card does come with a higher limit than usual. You can enjoy a maximum credit limit of $2000 and a minimum of $200 on your card.

Do you want to apply for it? Learn how you can do it now!

I am confident that you want to apply for this card, but the process is not straightforward. Click below to access more information before starting the application process.

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