RBC®️ ION Visa credit card review: get 3500 Avion points on approval 


RBC®️ ION Visa credit card review: get 3500 Avion points on approval 

RBC®️ ION Visa

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Satisfy your taste buds by earning points on groceries.
Rides, Gas & EV Charging
Enjoy earning points on gas, rideshare, daily public transit, and electric vehicle charging.

Do you want a credit card with a lot of rewards? Let’s see the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card! Apply for this credit card with no annual fees! See more! 

Ready to apply for a new credit card? You probably can’t wait to learn more about a card that will be the best for you. Today, we heard your wishes and are here to bring you a great option as your future card. Meet the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card! 

The RBC®️ ION Visa credit card is a card made to help you in any situation you are in. If you need to purchase things, you can do it, pay bills, buy bigger things. You name it, and the card can help. It also has some amazing benefits and a lot of rewards waiting for you. Let’s see more down below! 

Why we recommend the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card 

So, why would we recommend the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card? Now, if you truly want to know, we really enjoy this credit card. You might not know about it much, since you still don’t know much about the card, but it is so good. 

The RBC®️ ION Visa credit card is the type of card you can use in any situation. Those types will always be the best of the best. Now, that kind of freedom with your finances is what attracted us to the originality of this credit card. 

When you first see the benefits, you will also notice how much rewards are present on the card, and how many you are able to get. This just makes it a very interesting and useful card. The fact that the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card also does not have an annual fee helps too. 

What can I use the credit card for? 

You can use the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card wherever you want. As we have mentioned above, the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card is the type of credit card to gives immense freedom to its holders. Which means you will not be stuck with a purpose. 

You can use the card to pay your bills, and at the same time get insane rewards. Even more, using the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card to purchase normal daily things. You can get reward points, which are great for discounts and benefits. 

Credit card advantages 

If you are the type of person to learn more about the benefits of a credit card, then just know that we are read to help you. The RBC®️ ION Visa credit card has a lot of benefits, and down below we list them. 

  • Enjoy 3,500 Avion welcome points upon approval – that’s a value of $25 in gift cards. 
  • Earn 1.5X Avion points for every $1 spent on groceries, rides, gas, streaming, subscriptions, digital gaming and more.1 
  • No annual fee 
  • Earn 1 Avion point for every $1 spent on all other qualifying purchases.1 
  • Pay With Points 
  • Shop the Avion Rewards Catalog 
  • Save and Earn Faster with Offers 
  • Automatically protects eligible card purchases against loss, theft or damage within 90 days of purchase 
  • Save at Petro-Canada 
  • Earn more Be Well points at Rexal 
  • Save Big on Delivery with DoorDash 

Credit card disadvantages 

You may have many pros and cons in credit cards. That is why it is important to tell both of them. Down below, we bring a list with all the cons of the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card. 

  • Less redemption options compared to similar cards 
  • No travel insurance included 

How is credit analysis carried out in the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card 

Any credit card that you see around the internet always has this tiny little thing we call the credit analysis. You see, this analysis is actually pretty simple and easy to be done, but it can make some people a bit apprehensive since it will decide many things. 

The credit analysis is going to give you a look at your credit score, which, depending on it, will not only decide fees on the card, but also if you are going to get the credit card or not. But now you may what to know how does the credit analysis works? 

Well, it works in a very simple way. When you first apply for the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card, you fill out a form. The form, of course, has some will need to have some documents to back it up, and it is with those documents that the company will start to analyze. 

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Now, with those documents they get access to your credit history, and then are able to see everything. The credit score will be based on how many debts and late payments you have. Then you get the score. The higher it is, the fewer debts and late payments you have, and the better. 

Is there a maximum and minimum credit card limit? 

Actually, unlike many other credit cards, the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card does not have any information about the credit limit. This does not mean you are free to use what you want or that you won’t be able to use anything.  

Like we mentioned above, the credit score will define if you get the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card, and also some fees. But it will also define your credit limit. So if you do have enough credit score, you can get a high credit limit. 

Do you want to request? Learn how to get the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card right here 

Ready to apply for the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card? It might be a very hard thing to do now, since even if we are already done with the benefits and the cons, you still need to know some other things. For example, what you need in order to apply for the card. 

The card does not need insane requirements or documents that are hard to get. The thing is, learning what you need before applying for sure is going to be a great thing for you. Which is why if you want to know more about the RBC®️ ION Visa credit card, keep reading. 

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