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  • Annual Fee

    The Premier Bankcard Secured Credit Card, in contrast, has a flat annual fee with no setup or monthly maintenance fees.

  • Rewards rate

    Premier Bankcard Credit Cards do not offer rewards or a statement credit. Their primary function is to provide individuals with poor, limited, or no credit history access to a credit card.

  • Intro offer

    There is no introductory offer mentioned for the Premier Bankcard. These cards are more focused on offering credit opportunities to individuals with diverse credit histories​.

  • Recommended Credit Score

    Premier Bankcard Credit Cards are designed for consumers with no, limited, or poor credit.

Product Details

Find a card that fits you

Tired of getting lost in fine print and complicated credit offers? At PREMIER Bankcard®, we keep it simple. We’ll break down our cards with easy-to-understand language to help find the best fit for your financial situation.

Our take

Clear Pricing

No hidden fees. No surprises.


Secure & Reliable

Enjoy the security of Mastercard® in your wallet.


Credit Building1

We report monthly to the Consumer Reporting Agencies to help you build your credit.


Eligible to Increase Credit Limit

After 12 months of consistent responsible account management.


Award-Winning Customer Service

Our U.S.-based customer service representatives have the answers you need.

Do you have no luck in getting the best of a credit card for you? Maybe your credit is so low, no one lets you get just a tiny but of the other credit cards. But what if I presented you with a credit card so good for credit building that it would ruin your experience with other credit cards? You see, that card is real, and today we will talk about it. 

Not only it has a good profile to help you get a better build of your credit score, but it gives you a limit you can spend every month, and after only a year you can ask for a higher limit on your card. Did you also know that the minimum credit score goes as low as 500? Yes, as you can see, it can’t get much better than that, right? Let’s take a look at all the more information about the Premier Bankcard. 

What are the requirements to request the Premier Bankcard 

As you can imagine, every credit card has its good and bad side. But that is not the only side, because if the credit cards could be defined by their pros and cons alone, it would be pretty easy. So no, there are still things you must learn, and one of them is, as you may be aware by now, the requirements you must meet in order to apply for the Premier Bankcard. Let’s take a look. 

  • Be at least 18 
  • Have 500 or more credit score 
  • Be a US citizen 

What are the necessary documents to request Premier Bankcard 

Are you ready to apply for the Premier Bankcard? I’m sure you are super excited, just as I am because this card is really super nice. So you see, just as we have the requirements you need to meet, there is another thing. When you apply for the card, just telling stuff is not enough, you need proof, and for that you must have the right documents. That is what we will be seeing now. 

  • ID 

Who should apply for the credit card Premier Bankcard 

Now, how would you like to learn some extra benefits about the Premier Bankcard? With this card, you won’t have extra benefits, sorry I lied, but it is really close to it! You see, every card will have some groups of people that will be able to use this card in a way more profitable way than others. So, let’s take a look at those main profiles. 

Premier Bankcard clients 

It is an obvious one since, well, every credit card will be better for you if you do know them already or if you have at least a tiny connection. Now, if you are a client of them, you will be able to get a better credit since they know how your finances really work, and maybe you can enjoy some benefits more since you already know how it works in that company. 

People with bad credit 

This is one of the best profiles to apply for the Premier Bankcard. You see, without having a bad profile, there are not a lot of reasons for you to even apply for the card, because if you have a good score you can get so many better cards. This one is for those who can’t get anything better and need to have a better score. 

People who want to build credit 

Building a credit score is not easy. It was easy for you to ruin it since this economy is not the best one, but re-building it can be hard and it will. Well, you must thank Premier Bankcard for creating the Premier Bankcard. With this card, building a credit score will be way easier! Just give it a try, apply for it and you will see. 

If you don’t mind paying annual fees 

One of the cons of this card has been the fact it has an annual fee. Annual fees are not something unheard of since it is common, and since this card helps you get your credit score up, the annual fees will help too. Now, a good deal of hate these fees and refuse to pay them, so if you don’t mind paying them, then you should give the Premier Bankcard a chance. 

One advice for the ones that wish to apply for the Premier Bankcard 

Asking for advices in order to apply for a credit card is not unheard of. If you wish to have a good time while applying for it, it will be nice if you have advice from someone that knows what they are talking about. My advice this time is that you should not get your hopes up. This card is a very specific card since it is for people with bad credit score. 

That means that if you do apply for it, you must expect only things for people who have bad credit. That is right, you will not be able to get traveling benefits, a big limit or even discounts in stores and stuff. You will get only the necessary tools so that you can get your credit score higher and only that. If you do end up applying for it, that is my advice. 

This is not saying the card is bad. You must not fall into the saying that a card is bad because it does not have benefits. If this wasn’t good for credit building, it would be a bad card, but since it has fewer benefits because it helps you build credit, it is an amazing one. 

Is this card really worth it? Let’s compare the pros and cons 

It does seem like a good card. This card has great benefits like having a good credit limit, helping you build credit, and you being able to apply for it having a low credit score. Now, you can always get this card knowing this, but you must know it also has bad things like a high APR or annual fee. But those are things that don’t really affect you much. 

Of course, they are not nice, but it is not the end of the world too. You must get those cons so that you can enjoy the benefits way more, and so that the card can be useful for you. 

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