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  • Annual Fee

    The Fit Mastercard has a significant annual fee, often around $99.

  • Rewards rate

    This card does not usually offer any rewards program.

  • Intro offer

    There is generally no introductory offer associated with the Fit Mastercard.

  • Recommended Credit Score

    The card is targeted towards individuals with poor to fair credit scores, making it accessible for those who might have difficulty securing other types of credit cards.

Product Details

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Mastercard Zero Liability Protection

With Mastercard Zero Liability Protection you will not be held responsible for unauthorized charges on your Fit credit card. With zero fraud liability you are only responsible for purchases that you make, so you can shop with confidence and know that your card activity is fully protected. Whether you’re shopping in a store, travelling abroad, or making online purchases you can rely on Continental Finance to protect your Fit credit card account.

Our take

Monthly Reporting to All Three Major Credit Bureaus

The FIT credit card can be used as an effective tool to build credit. Continental Finance accepts people who apply for a FIT credit card with less than perfect credit. Continental Finance will report your payments to the three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian, Equifax.

Introducing the Fit Mastercard Credit Card: Your Path to Financial Freedom

Are you looking for a credit card that not only meets your financial needs but also offers a pathway to financial freedom? Look no further than the Fit Mastercard Credit Card. In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of this card and guide you through the necessary requirements and documents for your application.

What Are the Requirements for Application?

Before you can embark on your journey with the Fit Mastercard, it’s important to understand the key requirements for eligibility. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

  1. Age: To apply for the Fit Mastercard, you must typically be at least 18 years old. This ensures that you are legally capable of entering into a credit agreement.
  2. Residence: You should be a resident of the United States to qualify for the Fit Mastercard Credit Card. Proof of residence may be required during the application process.
  3. Income: While there’s no strict income requirement mentioned, having a steady source of income is essential. Your income level helps determine your ability to manage credit responsibly and may influence your credit limit.
  4. Credit History: The Fit Mastercard is known for being inclusive, making it a suitable choice for those with less-than-perfect credit. While a strong credit history can be beneficial, having a limited credit history or even some credit challenges won’t necessarily disqualify you.
  5. Other Financial Information: Be prepared to provide information about your financial situation, including any outstanding debts or obligations. This helps Fit Mastercard assess your overall financial health.

What Documents Are Required?

To streamline your application for the Fit Mastercard Credit Card, make sure you have the following documents ready:

  1. Proof of Identity: A government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, is typically required to verify your identity.
  2. Proof of Residence: You may need to provide a utility bill, lease agreement, or other documents that confirm your current address.
  3. Proof of Income: Depending on your income source, you may be asked to provide recent pay stubs, tax returns, or bank statements to demonstrate your ability to repay your credit card balance.
  4. Social Security Number (SSN): Your SSN is essential for credit card applications as it helps verify your identity and financial history.
  5. Additional Information: Be prepared to provide any other information that Fit Mastercard may request during the application process, such as employment details or references.

Applying for the Fit Mastercard Credit Card is a straightforward process, and having these documents readily available will help expedite your application. This card offers a gateway to building or improving your credit, along with various benefits to enhance your financial journey. So, why wait? Gather your documents and take the first step toward financial freedom with Fit Mastercard today.

Who Is the Fit Mastercard Card Recommended For?

The Fit Mastercard Credit Card is a versatile financial tool designed to cater to a wide range of individuals. Let’s explore four distinct profiles of people who can benefit from this card:

1. The Credit Builder

Are you new to the world of credit, or do you have a limited credit history? The Fit Mastercard is an excellent choice for individuals looking to establish or rebuild their credit. By using this card responsibly and making on-time payments, you can gradually improve your credit score over time.

2. The Everyday Spender

If you’re someone who regularly uses a credit card for everyday purchases, the Fit Mastercard’s rewards program can be a game-changer. Earn points on your daily spending and redeem them for a variety of rewards, from gift cards to merchandise. It’s a smart way to get more value out of your purchases.

3. The Budget-Conscious

For those who prioritize budgeting and financial control, the Fit Mastercard offers helpful online tools. Keep track of your expenses, set spending limits, and receive alerts to stay on top of your budgeting goals. This card empowers you to manage your finances with ease.

4. The Rebuilder

Have past financial challenges left a mark on your credit history? The Fit Mastercard welcomes individuals with less-than-perfect credit. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate responsible credit use and work toward improving your financial standing.

Our Advice for Those Applying for the Fit Mastercard Card

As you embark on your journey to apply for the Fit Mastercard Credit Card, here’s our expert advice to ensure a smooth and successful application process:

Firstly, take a moment to review your financial situation. Understand your current credit standing, income stability, and budgeting habits. This self-assessment will help you determine whether the Fit Mastercard is the right fit for your financial goals.

Secondly, gather all the required documents, such as proof of identity, residence, and income. Having these documents readily available will expedite your application and increase your chances of approval.

Next, read the card’s terms and conditions carefully. Familiarize yourself with the interest rates, fees, and rewards program. Being informed about the card’s features will enable you to make the most of it and avoid any surprises.

Finally, when using your Fit Mastercard, make timely payments and manage your credit responsibly. Consistently paying your bills on time and keeping your balances in check will not only boost your credit score but also ensure a positive credit experience.

In conclusion, the Fit Mastercard is a versatile financial tool suitable for various profiles of individuals. Whether you’re looking to build credit, earn rewards, manage your budget, or rebuild your financial reputation, this card has something to offer. By following our advice and using the card wisely, you can make the most of the Fit Mastercard and work toward a brighter financial future.

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