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Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa

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  • Annual Fee

    There is no annual fee for the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa, which makes it a cost-effective option, particularly for those moving from fair to good credit​.

  • Rewards rate

    This card offers unlimited 3% cash back on home, auto, and health purchases, and 1% cash back on all other purchases. The categories for 3% cash back include home improvement purchases, automotive repairs, health and beauty purchases, and more​.

  • Intro offer

    The APR ranges from 14.99% to 29.99%. The lower end of this range is quite competitive, but the higher end is notably steep.

  • Recommended Credit Score

    The typical credit limit offered ranges between $500 and $25,000, with some applicants potentially qualifying for up to $50,000.

Product Details

1%Unlimited cash back on all other purchases

All Cash Back Rewards are earned when you pay eligible purchases back. Merchants set their own category codes and therefore purchases may not appear in categories as expected. The listed merchants are examples of companies where purchases made at these companies will typically appear in the stated category as appropriate. Upgrade is in no way affiliated with these merchants or endorsing any of their products or services, nor are these merchants considered sponsors or co-sponsors of this program. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Our take

Plus, earn up to 10% extra cash back with Upgrade Shopping powered by Dosh®

Activate Upgrade Shopping offers from participating merchants via your account dashboard.5 Then shop online through Dosh or at stores, using your Upgrade card. You can get up to 10% cash back as a statement credit on qualifying purchases.

And Upgrade Shopping cash back is earned in addition to other Upgrade Card rewards.

What do you wish from a credit card? Do you want a card that helps you go through your day? Do you want a credit card that gives you extra rewards? Builds credit? Traveling benefits? A store card? Maybe a card with cashback? Well, you get the point, and that being that hundreds of credit cards exist with all their benefits of their own. 

Now, if you found some of the things above nice, you must know of a card that has some of them. You want a card with cashback? Maybe also having a really nice credit limit? Do not restrain yourself, because with the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa you will be able to get all of those things and even more, you just need to learn more about it. 

Today we will be talking about it. We will talk about how the benefits of this credit card will be able to help you, to benefit you in different positions and situations, and of course help you in your daily life. Not only that, but we will, together, learn all the requirements needed and documents to apply for the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa, so if you are interested, keep reading. 

What are the requirements to request the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa 

Looking to learn all the requirements that the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa has? It is a fascinating point in this article, so today let’s talk about it. If you are interested, keep reading. 

  • Average or above credit score, 
  • 18 or more, 
  • US citizen. 

What are the necessary documents to request Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa 

Let’s now take a look at the documents: 

  • ID, 
  • Citizen proof. 

Who should apply for the credit card Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa 

Did you know what is the best thing a credit card can do for you? That is giving you good benefits you will use. That is something you can’t deny. A good card will always give you the best of benefits ever, and you will use all of them well. Today, we will be learning a bit more about what profiles the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa benefits more. 

If you don’t like annual fees 

Annual fees are very annoying. I personally am the type of person to not apply for a credit card if it does have an annual fee. But thankfully, that is not the same for the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa. With this card, you are able to enjoy all benefits without annual fee. 

If you enjoy cashback 

Do you know what cashback is? Cashback is a service many cards have (this one was a surprise since it accepts lower scores), that will basically help you and give you money when you buy things. The Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa has a 3% cashback on auto, health and home purchases, and 1% of it will be able to be gained by everything else. 

If you have average credit 

Do you not have an excellent credit? Many may be coming out of having a bad credit score, so you are in the middle, it being not good, but not bad either. For that, we like to call it the average score, and with that you will get more opportunities in the financial world, but not as many as you will later. This card thought will accept you without a problem. 

If you like a high limit. 

Do you enjoy having a good credit limit while applying for a credit card? Well, it definitely is not unheard of a card having a good limit, and whole this card does have a minimum limit very low of only $500, the maximum limit is really high, and can go up to $25,000. You, of course, can always get a higher limit as the time with the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa goes on. 

One advice for the ones that wish to apply for the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa 

If you want to apply for a card, there is something you must know before doing so. For an example, you can get this card way easier if you finish this article, but that is not the advice in thinking about right now. My main advice for you, after reading so many things about the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa, is that you should always research more. 

This card is a more complex one. As you may know, since it has so many benefits, many find it overwhelming. If it is not used or liked how it should be, it means that or the card is not good for you, or you did the searching wrong. And yes, even though we have a lot of information about the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa, you can always ask more. 

You have any extra doubt we havens talked about? Do not hesitate to contact the company and ask them all of it. Learning the good things about a credit card is going to be an essential step in the application process, and if you wish to apply for it, following the benefits NAD advice I’ve told you, might be a good chance and help you with it. 

Is this card really worth it? Let’s compare the pros and cons 

I firmly believe it is worth it there are not many things you can do with a credit card that will make it worthwhile, but with the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa you can actually use it for a good time and enjoy it to its maximum without getting bored or even getting the card and getting annoyed because the benefits are not as good as before. 

This card is good because the benefits are better than the cons, and they are long term ones. You can get cashback, no annual fee, high credit limit. And on the other side, a higher APR can be found and nothing else important. As it is shown, you don’t have any reason to truly hate the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa, so yes, it is worth it. 

Apply now for the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa 

Ready for the application process? It won’t be hard, I promise you will have a good time. That is why today we will be helping you. Just click down below and start it. 

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