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Freedom Gold Card

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  • Annual Fee

    There is no annual fee listed, but the card requires a monthly membership fee of $14.77, amounting to $177.24 per year​.

  • Rewards rate

    The Freedom Gold Card does not offer any rewards program.

  • Intro offer

    There is no introductory offer mentioned for this card.

  • Recommended Credit Score

    The card is targeted towards individuals with bad to fair credit scores (300-689). It’s designed for those who may not have many other financing options due to poor or no credit history.

Product Details

How it Works

Complete our easy application and your results will be ready immediately. If approved you will have instant access to your $750 merchandise credit line along with other benefits.

  • $750 Merchandise Credit Line
  • Exclusive Member Benefits
  • Start Shopping Right Away!
  • Bad Credit, No Credit? No Problem!
  • No Employment or Credit Check
  • Fast and Easy Application
Our take

Why Apply for Freedom Gold?

If you have less than perfect credit or no credit, then Freedom Gold is perfect for you. After completing our fast and easy application process, you will receive a $750 merchandise credit line from Freedom Gold.

Do you know what a store card is? And no I am not talking about those cards that you get in stores that help you get some discounts and that is their only purpose. I am actually talking about those cards that you get, and they are from a store and not only you get discounts from the store, but you can also use that credit card like any other. 

That is what the Freedom Gold Card does. But did you know that it is not only a credit card from a store? This card also has another special benefit and quality from it and that is that not only this card will help you get more benefits from the TheHorizeonOutlet store online, but it will also help you build credit since it accepts people with a low credit score. 

If you do have a bad credit score, the Freedom Gold Card will be able to help you! As long as you have a credit score higher or equal to 300, you can apply for it and use all the benefits it has, like the travel insurance. If you wish to learn more about the Freedom Gold Card and all it has, you should take a look down below, where we will explain. 

What are the requirements to request the Freedom Gold Card 

Are you curious to learn what are the requirements of the Freedom Gold Card? If so, keep reading and see the list down below. 

  • Must be 18 or more, 
  • Have a credit of 300 up to 600 

What are the necessary documents to request Freedom Gold Card 

Every credit card will need specific documents for the application process. If you wish to apply for the Freedom Gold Card, keep reading. 

  • ID, 
  • Residence proof 
  • Income proof 

Who should apply for the credit card Freedom Gold Card 

There is a number of people that only guide their ability to apply for a credit card by its requirements or its pros and cons. And well, that is a good way to know, that’s for sure, but there are still some things you must take into consideration and that is if you have the right profile to even apply for it. If you want to know if that is your case, take a look down below. 

If you shop at TheHorizonOutlet 

Do you know this shop? TheHorizonOutlet is the type of shop to be used by many. It has so many benefits and qualities that go around it. You see, this store sells clothes, electronics, shoes and many other things and with this card you are able to buy in this store. This card has specific benefits for it, and that is something you must take into account. 

If you have bad credit 

Do you have a bad credit score? Many might not realize, but when you have a bad credit, you are not able to get every financial product you might wish, and that is not something taken into account always. That is why cards like the Freedom Gold Card exist, because with this one, if you have a credit score that is equal or over 300, you can apply for it. 

People that want to build credit 

Struggling with low credit? This credit card might be the option, we saw that this card is good for people with bad credit because it accepts people with low credit. But not only that, but it helps people to rebuild their own credit and get a better score. So if that is your case, apply for the Freedom Gold Card and when you have a better credit, you can apply for any other. 

If you like traveling 

Traveling is a great thing for you to do, and everyone loves it. This card is not specific for people who enjoy traveling, but instead it is for people with bad credit. But surprisingly, you are able to get some traveling benefits from it. With the Freedom Gold Card, you can have a pretty nice traveling insurance for you to use on your travels. 

One advice for the ones that wish to apply for the Freedom Gold Card 

For this card, you will be thinking that you don’t need advice, but believe me when I say, you always need advice for this like this. This is the kind of card you might have big expectations and then get disappointed because you don’t take in account that it is a card for people with bad credit. And if it is for people with bad credit, it won’t have any extra benefits. 

That might sound bad, but it is actually good. To build your credit you can’t spend money on useless things, so a card not having those extra benefits won’t make you have that desire to buy new stuff or clothes even though you may not need it. That is the biggest mistake you can make when you want to apply for the card: not learning everything you need. 

So yes, if we go for the card by only what is has it might sound bad, but when we see its real purpose, the card truly shines and becomes one of the best card you can see. So my main advice is that you can’t let things go over your head. Keep a low profile and don’t expect much. If you are able to get a better score with the Freedom Gold Card, you’ll get a better card soon. 

Is this card really worth it? Let’s compare the pros and cons 

From what I am able to see, this credit card really is worth it and perfect. Now, if you apply for a credit card, you are always able to see the pros and cons of it before doing so. To see if it is good for you, you must compare it, but first you must know that this card is only worth it if you shop at the store or if you have bad credit. 

Now, for this card you must pay an annual fee, it is a bit over $170, and divided by 12, it is under $15 a month. We have that as a con, and also the fact that it has no reward program or extra benefits. Now for the pros, we see that it helps build credit, accepts low credit, and it also had a good limit and a traveling insurance. So yes, it seems pretty worth it. 

Apply now for the Freedom Gold Card 

Start the application process now! Click on the link down below and learn all you need. 

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