See how to request the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card 


RBC Cash Back: Get Unlimited Cash Back on Your Purchases with our no annual fee Cash Back credit card

RBC Cash Back

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Product Details

Easy and convenient to earn cash back

  • Up to 2% cash back on grocery store purchases
  • Up to 1% cash back on all other qualifying purchases and pre-authorized payments
No limit to what you can get back

That’s right – get unlimited cash back. Plus, your rewards accumulate automatically so you don’t need to keep track.

Save and Earn Faster with RBC Offers

Load personalized offers for great brands before you shop to get cash savings or to earn bonus Avion points faster

Our take

Earn more Be Well points at Rexall

Link this card with your Be Well card to:

  • Get 50 Be Well points for every $1 spent on eligible products at Rexall
  • Redeem Be Well points faster for savings in store on eligible purchases; 25,000 Be Well points = $10

See how to request the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card 

Ow that you already know what you want, we bring you the best card for you at the moment. Well, we can not be sure, but it is a very strong hunch you will like it. First of all, you do get to pay an annual fee. The good thing? It is small, only $129 a year. 

That is truly a small one, and will not even be much in every month. But the credit card will offer you much more when applying for it. You can get a lot of rewards and also one of the lowest interest rates you can get, of only 11.9%. Do you find the card interesting? Then let’s keep reading to learn more. 

What are the requirements needed to apply? 

Applying for the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card, it is not as easy as you think. You need to have some things to make the company consider your profile. To help you see if you can get the card, we bring you the list of requirements for it. 

  • Any household income 
  • Any individual income 
  • A medium or higher credit score 
  • Must be Canadian and over the majority age in the state where you live in. 

What documents are needed to request the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card 

The most important part now, is the documents. Without the main documents, you will be able to find a lot not only about yourself, but you can tell a lot to the company. That is why, if you want to know the documents needed for the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card, keep reading. 

  • Proof of identity 
  • Proof of residency. 

What are the biggest profiles/uses of this credit card? 

Every credit card will always benefit some better than others. But how can you know that? Well, learning where people usually use the credit card is going to be the best shot you get to learn more. Which is why we bring you down the four most used things on the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card. Let’s see. 

To earn rewards 

Tangerine World Mastercard®️

Don’t miss the chance to get this credit card, which is one of the best out there!

Now, one of the things that makes everyone happy when talking about credit cards is the rewards’ system. Really, there is nothing much you can dislike about it, since only by using the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card you get benefits. 

Now, the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card does have ways you can win rewards. For every dollar that you spend on dining and entertainment, you will earn two points! And in all of the rest of the purchases, you will get a point for every dollar spent. 

For lower fees 

The lower fees are, of course, one of the main things too. When you apply for a credit card, whatever it is, the fees usually are over 18%. Those are seen as average fees for a card and are not as bad as what you can find in many cards. 

But the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card is different. This credit card does not want to keep you at bay with huge fees and interest rates. Being a card with one of the smalls fees, the card only has an 11.9% interest rate fee. 

A welcome bonus 

Do you like welcome bonus? This credit card, of course, has an amazing one. Well, you might say that it is not a big deal, since most cards do. But it does not mean the welcome bonus on the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card is bad, 

You see, when you first apply for the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card, you can earn up to 35 thousand points! That is up to $175 travel value. Even more, but in that first year with the card, the annual fee is not paid, it is free. 

Low annual fee 

And then, of course, we do have the low annual fee. Being a credit card, with an annual fee, will normally mean that people are not as drawn to it as they normally would. That is a shame, since the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card has a low annual fee. 

When you pay for the fee, you pay a small amount every month. So, the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card having a $129 annual fee, to pay it along the 12 months of the year, well, it is almost nothing. We are sure it will not be a huge deal. 

Our advice for those who are going to apply for the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card 

The end of the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card is here, and we are here with you too. When applying for the credit card, you will face no such thing as a problem or anything like it. Which is why in the process itself, we have nothing to say. 

Now, with the process of having the card and all, you might need a little advice. For example, the card has rewards points. That of course is really good, but it does not mean you will be able to get many points in every category. 

This is a credit card made specifically for those who travel more and go dining and get entertainment more often than not. That is because when you see the rewards point system, you will realize that the most you can earn is with those two things. 

So, what we are trying to say is that you should be careful with the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card. You can only enjoy the most of it if you do those things. 

Weighing advantages and disadvantages – Is it worth it? 

We believe so. There is nothing about the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card that makes us really upset. Yes, you do need a medium credit score and the benefits are not as common in it. But for a simple card, it is good. 

We specially enjoy the interest rate you will find on the card. For example, you can get only 11.9% in interest rate, a low annual fee and rewards programs. So yes, it is worth it. 

Request your RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card on the official website once and for all! 

Do you really want to apply for the RBC Cash Back Mastercard credit card? Well, no matter what you want, we are here for it. Just click down below, and you will be able to apply for it now! 

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