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  • Annual Fee


  • Flexible credit limit from


  • Cashback

    Up to 15% cashback

Product Details

Everyday cashback

  • 1% on gas and grocery
  • 0.5% monthly minimum cashback

Exclusive cashback offers at Neo partners

  • 5% average cashback at restaurants, bars and cafes
  • 3% on popular streaming services
  • 3% on ride sharing services
  • 3% on food delivery services
  • 2%+ at retail partners (online and in-store)
Our take

Higher everyday cashback

  • 3% on gas and grocery
  • 0.5% cashback on everything else

Boosted exclusive cashback offers at Neo partners

  • 6% average cashback at restaurants, bars and cafes
  • 4% on popular streaming services
  • 4% on ride sharing services
  • 4% on food delivery services
  • 3%+ at retail partners (online and in-store)

All Base features and benefits, plus:

  • Credit score monitoring directly in the Neo app
  • $2,500 group life insurance
  • 24/7 legal assistance
  • Purchase protection with extended warranty
  • Dedicated priority support

Are you looking for a credit card that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle and spending habits? The Neo Financial credit card might just be the answer. This card is gaining traction among savvy spenders due to its generous cashback rewards, flexible credit limits, and user-friendly approach.

Imagine getting up to 5% cashback at your favorite stores, restaurants, and service providers—all without paying any annual or monthly fees. Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, the Neo Financial credit card adapts to your spending, offering tailored rewards that enhance your purchasing power and financial flexibility.

What are the requirements needed to apply?

Applying for the Neo Financial credit card is straightforward, but there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet to ensure a smooth process.

First and foremost, you must be at least the age of majority in your province or territory, which typically means you need to be 18 or 19 years old, depending on where you reside. Residency is also crucial; you must be a Canadian resident to qualify for this card.

While Neo Financial does not stipulate a minimum income requirement, they will assess your financial health to determine your credit limit. Employment status may also be considered to evaluate your ability to repay the credit you use.

What documents are required?

When applying for the Neo Financial credit card, you’ll need to provide several key documents to verify your identity and residency. A valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, is mandatory.

Additionally, you may need to provide proof of residency, which can be a recent utility bill or a bank statement with your address clearly visible.

Neo Financial aims to make the application process as paperless and digital as possible, so preparing these documents in advance and ensuring you can upload them digitally will help streamline your application.

Embracing the Neo Financial credit card means enjoying a modern credit experience designed with your convenience and financial benefits in mind. Whether you’re looking to maximize rewards or manage your spending efficiently, Neo provides a compelling solution that’s worth considering. Ready to apply? Gather your documents and start your journey to smarter spending with Neo Financial.

What are the biggest uses for this credit card?

The Neo Financial credit card is not just a tool for making purchases; it’s a gateway to optimizing your financial habits across various spending categories.

With its unique rewards system and flexible credit management, this card is designed to enhance your spending experience in several key areas of everyday life. Here’s how cardholders are making the most out of their Neo Financial credit cards:

Daily Essentials

One of the primary uses of the Neo Financial credit card is for purchasing daily essentials, such as groceries and fuel. With up to 5% cashback at partner grocery stores and gas stations, users can significantly cut down their regular spending costs.

This makes the Neo card particularly attractive for families and individuals looking to maximize savings on routine purchases. The instant rewards system means that every time you swipe your Neo card, you’re not just spending; you’re earning back a part of what you spend.

Dining and Entertainment

For those who enjoy dining out or indulging in entertainment, the Neo Financial credit card offers compelling cashback rewards at a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee on the go or enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant, the card rewards your lifestyle choices with attractive cashback options, making it a perfect companion for both planned outings and spontaneous treats.

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Online Shopping

In the digital age, online shopping has become a staple, and the Neo Financial credit card caters to this trend effectively. Cardholders enjoy boosted cashback rates when they shop at various online retailers, making it a smart choice for tech-savvy shoppers. Whether you’re buying electronics, fashion, or home goods, using the Neo card can help you get more for your money with every purchase.

Travel Expenses

For the avid traveler, the Neo Financial credit card offers perks that make exploring the world more rewarding. From cashback on travel bookings to additional benefits like travel insurance and exclusive lounge access, the card is geared towards enhancing your travel experience while providing financial benefits. These perks ensure that every dollar spent on travel goes further, whether you’re booking a flight, reserving a hotel, or renting a car.

Our advice for those applying for the Neo Financial credit card

If you’re considering applying for the Neo Financial credit card, here are some tips to ensure you make the most of your application and the card’s benefits. First, review your financial situation to ensure that the card aligns with your spending habits and financial goals. Take advantage of the no annual fee feature and the flexible credit limits to match your budgetary constraints and spending needs.

Before applying, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria such as being the age of majority in your province and having a stable residency status in Canada. Gather all necessary documents beforehand, such as your government-issued ID and proof of address, to facilitate a smooth application process.

Lastly, consider how you’ll use the card to maximize its benefits. Plan your spending around the cashback categories to optimize your rewards. Also, keep an eye on any special promotions or additional perks that Neo Financial might offer, as these can enhance your savings and overall credit card experience. Remember, responsible usage and timely payments are key to benefiting from any credit card, and the Neo Financial card is no exception.

Weighing advantages and disadvantages – Is it worth it?

When considering whether the Neo Financial credit card is a good fit, it’s important to balance its benefits against any potential drawbacks. On the plus side, the card offers a robust cashback program, providing up to 5% back at partner merchants.

This is particularly appealing for those who frequently shop at these locations, as it directly reduces the cost of everyday purchases like groceries and fuel. Additionally, the absence of annual or monthly fees makes this card extremely cost-effective compared to many other credit cards that charge for their rewards programs.

The credit limits are flexible, starting as low as $500 and extending up to $10,000, catering to a variety of financial situations and spending habits. Moreover, the application process is inclusive, requiring no hard credit check, which makes it accessible even to those with less-than-perfect credit histories.

On the downside, the interest rates can be on the higher side, ranging from 19.99% to 29.99% on purchases. This could become a burden if balances are carried month-to-month. However, for those who pay off their balances in full each month, this disadvantage is mitigated.

Ultimately, the Neo Financial credit card is worth it for individuals who can take full advantage of its cashback rewards and who are disciplined in managing their credit. It is especially valuable for those looking to maximize returns on regular spending without paying hefty fees. This card is a smart choice for savvy spenders focused on optimizing their financial tools.

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