Apple advises against using a bag of rice to dry your iPhone: Here’s why


Apple advises consumers not to use a bag of rice to dry their iPhones if they get wet. This method has been proven to be ineffective, and doctors have warned against it for a long time. Despite its popularity, Apple warns that using a bag of rice can actually cause damage to the device, even from small grains of rice.

Instead of using rice, Apple recommends leaving the wet phone out to dry after tapping out any excess moisture carefully. It is crucial to make sure that the phone is placed in a position where the connection is pointing downwards to aid in the drying process.

Even as smartphones become more advanced, the methods used to repair them after they have been exposed to water are still quite rudimentary. Apple now takes the opportunity to discourage customers from using many of these common methods.

In addition to avoiding rice bags, Apple also advises against using hairdryers, radiators, or any other external heat sources or compressed air to dry a wet phone. They also warn against using foreign objects such as cotton swabs or paper towels to try to absorb the moisture from the phone.

Instead, Apple recommends placing the wet phone in a dry area with some airflow to aid in the drying process before attempting to recharge it. This advice may become outdated in the future as smartphone technology continues to improve its resistance to moisture.

Since the iPhone 12, all Apple devices are designed to withstand immersion for up to thirty minutes at a depth of six meters. Despite this advancement, many users may still require guidance on how to handle a wet smartphone, especially as the secondary mobile market continues to grow globally.

As technology evolves, so too must the methods used to repair and maintain devices like smartphones. Apple’s warning against using a bag of rice to dry wet iPhones is a step towards promoting more effective and safe ways to handle water damage. By following Apple’s advice and avoiding common misconceptions about drying wet phones, users can ensure the longevity and functionality of their devices.

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